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original British designed products made from soft fabrics that will be loved by you & your baby ♡

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How to fit your Buggysnuggle?


We've been producing snuggly baby gear for over 24 years.

Exclusive fabrics

stand out from the crowd with our in-house designed fabrics in various irresistible textures that will accessorise & brighten up your baby’s stroller, while keeping them cosy & warm


designed to be used from birth and last as long as the child uses a stroller (up to at least age 3). 100cm long x 46cm wide, it’s one of the largest footmuffs on the market.

Clever Design

2-way zips on our footmuffs allow muddy boots to stick out!
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Customer Love

Can't recommend the fur buggysnuggles enough! I've just got my third one!! They are so warm and cosy! ... A must have for all mums out there to keep your little ones all wrapped up this winter!
- Jezzie Griffin
My little boy kept lovely and warm in the snow thanks to his buggysnuggle.
- Rachel Guy
We look forward to receiving the snuggle. We had one for our daughter and this new one is for a new grandchild they are lovely.
- Tony Stevens
Got our first one 14 years ago and it still looks like new, we have 3 … and they've served and are still serving my 6 kids very well!
- Gerri Smith
Thank you for supplying us with such fantastic products. 
- Rachel Noon
We have loved all FOUR of our Buggysnuggles!
- Emily Hunter
George,7, gets so much use from his buggysnuggle ‘bigbug’! Thankful for an inclusive company.
- Lynsey Dickson
I have 2 ... They're awesome. Every new parent should have one of these as a lifetime investment. They don't let you down. Seriously they cannot be beaten wish I had discovered them a lot sooner.... Buggysnuggler since 2014 … Parent since 2005.
- Jessica Ruth Wager
Thank you for creating such a flipping fabulous product that kept my two so snug for many a years between them.
- Lisa Bambridge
I’ve used buggysnuggles for 19 yrs still amazing designs.
- Sally Elizabeth
Thank u so much ... our kids have grown up with your buggysnuggles especially the Explorer versions! 
- Sandy Qadamani
We love our Buggysnuggles and always get lots of compliments on them!
- Missy Jo